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These are just a few of the fun cake designs I get to make or I guess you could also call them novelty cakes.

fun cake designs novelty cakes inspired by Michelle Cake Designs

Fun cake designs novelty cakes inspired by Michelle Cake Designs

Usually they are for birthday celebrations young and old but there is a wedding cake and a kitchen tea cake amongst them.

I particularly loved the challenge of making the birthday cake bus carry partying dogs to a 30th party – the design came from the smilebox animated invitation.

Bye for now, Michelle

Michelle Rea

Inspired by Michelle Cake Designs


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I thought I would start putting together different ideas for cake designs by cake colour. The first is Pink Cakes.

pink cakes inspired by michelle cake designs decorated fondant cakes

pink cakes inspired by michelle cake designs

They range from christening and 1st birthday to 21st and 40th birthday cakes. The blossom cross cupcakes were for a christening the others were for easter. There is also a pregnant belly cake for a baby shower in the colour combination pink and black which always works.

The pink and black 40th birthday cake had silver detailing from the invitations that her mother had made.

Pinks come in such a wide colour range from soft baby to hot hot pink, dusky pink to mushroom pink. My advice is if there is a particular pink you want matched then just give your cake designer a colour swatch so that they have a reference. Colour matching is easily done as everything is hand coloured.

I hope these fondant cakes inspire you in finding the perfect cake design for your occasion.

Bye for now, Michelle Rea


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tiffany gift box present cake ideas

tiffany gift box present cake ideas collage

The tiffany gift box present cake idea is very popular. It covers any age and also kitchen tea cakes. They do seem to be getting more and more detailed. Now I’m making them filled with tiara, pearls, perfume, rolling pins and other kitchen tea themed details. I have also included a cake that uses the tiffany blue as it’s main colour which I think is gorgeous!

Bye for now, Michelle


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These are really fun cakes to make and the size of the bosoms really depends on the personality of the recipient of the cake!

corset novelty cakes image collage

collage of ideas for a novelty corset cake

I have also included an image of a dress cake as i though it fitted into this story board. This was actually designed around an invitation. A corset cake could also be made the same way – standing up.

Enjoy. Bye for now, Michelle


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I do not think there goes a week that I do not make a cake that does not have at least one butterfly on it – usually white pink or purple! It is the most versatile theme the cakes here are for birthdays of any age weddings, cupcakes and christenings baptisms.

Again it is one of the collages I have put together. The original butterfly cake images can be found on my site www.inspiredbymichelle.com.au

butterfly cake ideas image collage

collage of my recent butterfly cakes

The images there are larger and there are more cakes for you to see but this collage is just to act as an ideas board. I hope you like them.

Bye for now, Michelle Rea

Inspired by Michelle Cake Designs

Beautifully handcrafted cakes Sydney Australia

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21st Birthday cake ideas for boys and girls – just a quick collage which might give you some ideas when you are trying to come up with a theme for your cake. With all the beautiful invitations and crazy party themes these days the 21st birthday cake should reflect these ideas.

Remember anything is possible and colours are easily matched when making this style of cake.

Bye for now, Michelle


21st birthday cake ideas for boys and girls

collage of ideas for 21st birthday cakes

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OK this is the collage for ideas for sports cakes which 9 times out of 10 are for men. Sports or love of a sport really varies and it can encompass the sedate sport of poker to the much followed soccer/football.

I hope these cakes that I have made help and of course there is always more at inspiredbymichelle.com.au

sport cake ideas for mens cakes

a collage of sporting theme cakes

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