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Well I have to say I had not realised just how popular Elmo was for birthday cake designs. Since I put my Elmo Cake Topper post up all I have heard about is Elmo so I have put some of the cakes I have done together in this cake gallery.

elmo cake designs cake gallery from inspired by michelle cake designs

elmo cake designs cake gallery from inspired by michelle cake designs

They are simple and have great bright colours which young children really respond to. Of the two face cakes of Elmo one is smooth and the other has been made shaggy. The other thing which I should mention is the coloured balls around the base of some of the cakes. They can be all the same size or change from large to small – but the reason for the mention is that this is the first thing the children go for they just love them and most of the time they are just happy to have the balls then wait for the cake to be cut!

Bye for now, Michelle

Michelle Rea

Inspired by Michelle Cake Designs


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The other day I had a phone call asking if I could make a birthday cake with an elmo theme – it was for someone who had planned to make the cake herself but things had changed at the last minute and she just did not have the time.

I had to say no as I was already fully booked and could not squeeze another order in no matter how much I wanted to help.

I then received another call filled with hope that I could at least make the elmo cake topper for her so I said yes and I am glad I did because it made me realise that really it was just a variation on my video tutorial on how to make a shaggy teddy bear.

elmo fondant cake topper for birthday cake inspired by michelle cake designs

elmo fondant birthday cake topper inspired by michelle cake designs

The only changes I made were to make the arms and legs a little longer and squash his head a little so it was elongated slightly. I painted the inside of his mouth with black food colouring everything else is the same as the tutorial which is very easy but I do have to warn you making the fur does take a little time and it seems all the bears I make these days are the shaggy version but I only have myself to blame as I sit there snipping away!!

Elmo is very popular for birthdays so I hope this is useful.

Bye for now, Michelle Rea

Inspired by Michelle Cake Designs

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