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I thought I would start putting together different ideas for cake designs by cake colour. The first is Pink Cakes.

pink cakes inspired by michelle cake designs decorated fondant cakes

pink cakes inspired by michelle cake designs

They range from christening and 1st birthday to 21st and 40th birthday cakes. The blossom cross cupcakes were for a christening the others were for easter. There is also a pregnant belly cake for a baby shower in the colour combination pink and black which always works.

The pink and black 40th birthday cake had silver detailing from the invitations that her mother had made.

Pinks come in such a wide colour range from soft baby to hot hot pink, dusky pink to mushroom pink. My advice is if there is a particular pink you want matched then just give your cake designer a colour swatch so that they have a reference. Colour matching is easily done as everything is hand coloured.

I hope these fondant cakes inspire you in finding the perfect cake design for your occasion.

Bye for now, Michelle Rea



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